Saltmarsh Industries offers a complete site build package for any size commercial, industrial or residential construction project.

  • Newest Technologies and Equipment.
  • Thoughtful and knowledgeable staff.
  • Experience with State, Municipal and Private/Industrial projects.
  • Flexibility to complete projects on YOUR TIMELINE and budget.

Our Services

Site Improvements

Any and all amenities that can be added to a site are well within our abilities to provide for and design if necessary. This may include but not limited to - Land Clearing, Site Demolition, Earthwork Excavation/Fill, Storm Drainage, Sewer/Water/Electrical Systems, Commercial Paving, Foundation.

Heavy Earthwork Excavation

Cuts, fills and general excavations are a necessary part of any modern project scope. We provide the machinery and skilled operators to accomplish this aspect of your project.

Utility Installation

Sewer, Water, Storm Water and Electrical Systems are the lifeblood of a project and connect any building, structure or complex to the existing world. Our knowledgeable staff and network of Engineering Firms can accommodate any projects' needs.

Concrete Foundation/Flatwork

Complete build out of normal basement designs to complete multi-floored structures, footings, walls, slabs, ramps, sidewalks, patios, pools and more.


Our fleet of well-maintained vehicles and dependable professionals offer a welcome addition to any project brining added flexibility and efficiency.

Retaining Walls/Erosion Control Systems:

Design-Built complete systems to accommodate any and all factors of production or preservation.

Our Latest Works