Saltmarsh Industries, Inc.

About Us

Jesse Saltmarsh founded Southwick, Massachusetts-based Saltmarsh Industries in 2005 doing small landscaping and paving projects, while gradually growing the company, becoming incorporated in 2009 and establishing a partnership by 2010 - with the companies other founding members - Alex Saltmarsh, Nicholas Saltmarsh and Anthony Brignoli.

Each of the Saltmarsh industries team brought something different to the table, including construction, truck driving and site work experience. In 2009, the Saltmarsh team started off doing primarily municipal and state work because, according to Jesse Saltmarsh, the private sector market was not thriving having just been introduced to the worst economic downturn since the great depression. Despite the floundering private sector, the company began to flourish. In the past two and a half years (2016-2017), they have been able to concentrate on private sector projects and have tripled their fleet size.



Through hard work and determination Saltmarsh Industries, Inc. produced a growing firm of expanding specialties that initially had its roots in private home owner building and renovation, but has grown to include all facets of construction, site development, pavement management, underground utilities, drainage systems, concrete work, and hardscape construction on a municipal and statewide scale. The future is bright, and if the past is an indication of what is to come then Saltmarsh Industries, Inc. will be there, expanding and building a better tomorrow.

Services provided:
Complete site work packages from design to turn key buildout, Saltmarsh Industries Inc., is a full-service site contractor and heavy equipment excavation company. Some of the aspects of construction performed by Saltmarsh are including but not limited to Demolition, Land Clearing and Grubbing, Grading, Drainage, Sewer, Water, Electric, Excavation, Paving, Foundation and Concrete Flatwork, Concrete Pumping, Utility Trenching and Installation, GPS Layout and Jobsite Mapping. Multi-trade coordination and Site Management.